4th March

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Love Tag today, super touching I really enjoyed it a lot. Got to know Nicole better and she’s super funny + retarded omg :o HAHA can’t believe I thought she was an introvert o_o Anyway sherly if you’re reading this cheer up God loves you and so do we!! Anyway I felt really really inspired and touched by the service praise and worship felt v different today, in a good way :)

Mugging with xinxin tmr I miss our mugging sessions auntie!!!!!!!!! :D

Was looking @ pictures of arsenic exposure and walaoeh damn gross I almost puked


2 thoughts on “4th March

  1. hey im touched baby. sincerely sorry if i got you irritated/mad cuz of stressed up stuff between STEP & band, lookin forward to more services wyou!(:

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