Laughter is the best medicine :)


I laughed so much today that I think my flu and sore throat got cured. Hehehe thank you Weilin Vivienne Jingren Isabel Terence Roy for today, every Friday just seems so awesome with good friends around :)

Well actually today wasn’t all good. Lessons were sian ttm, gonna flunk chinese test, minus-ed 2 marks for my chem test, stood up during chem cos i forgot to being my practical file, using 4 packets of tissue in a day, wanting to die during Physics blablabla ya as shitty as any day could get. But I prayed for faith and band really improved my mood aw idk I just really enjoy playing the clarinet. But my krommer’s really in bad shape sigh :( Then vball after band hehehe ‘band’ against ‘the rest’ again rofl. We thought we were gonna lose like really badly but we improved :D Then the happier I got the better my throat seemed to be, and now it’s like healed already!!!! Thank God :)

Got home and Mum is damn pissed at me, hope she cools off by tmr then I can pop the question! For now I’m off to replenish my sleep, hope to have a really fufilling weekend!!!

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