It’s the saddest to see someone you care about cry and feel like you can’t do anything.

Still in the midst of writing Friendship Day cards, gave out 2 today haha. Who cares if it’s past 14 Feb, it’s never too late to thank my friends!!
Haha facebook groups are making me smile to the computer screen because most of them are so darn true.

Today was made up of Math test, LA test, agreeing with what Mr Kiw said in CME, missing Thailand and my buddy, anger at a certain someone (ahya waste of my time to get angry sia), motivation to work for mozart (:D), going home w/ funny people, and HSSRP again lol.

Isn’t it weird how us Year 4s are gonna step down after Rhythm? It seems just not long ago since I was feeling so sad about Chingwoon and Zoe leaving, I even almost cried at the concert haha. But I feel super happy knowing that the juniors will be in good hands, and I suddenly feel so old omg. Not sure why but band has taken up so much of my life that I’d feel unsually free w/o it. More time to study though!!!!

Ok enough of my nonsense, off to hssrp again then french before I can finally get to sleep. I therefore conclude that my eyebags are here to stay.

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