I came here to make you dance tonight

In the library nowwwwwww doing HSSRP business haha
My head is really aching from staring @ all those words *_*

So yesterday I met Jiamei and Yibei first, then went lunched with Joey Joseph and Mummy
They borrowed some origami book from the library hahaha so fun \m/
Went home to bathe and change then went to Uncle Jeffrey’s housewarming!!! + bainian
Gosh there were so many cute kids there hehehe & Stuart and Elliot’s room has a pool table wth
Played pool – Soccer (fail) – Basketball (L) – Badmintion (also fail) HAHA it was so late and dark we couldn’t even see the shuttlecock

Then went up and played with the kids haha I didn’t feel like a sixteen year old at all sia.
Watched madagascar then home.

WILL POST ABOUT REUNION DINNER (after I get my photos done and when I’m less busy w/ HSSRP) :D


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