I want to be able to:
1. Hug my family and tell them that I love them
2. Show my appreciation for my wonderful friends
3. Be thankful for the life I have
4. Stop complaining about homework
5. Take things as they come
6. View things positively
7. Pray for forgiveness and for a better tomorrow
8. Control my emotions
9. Organize my things
10. Look forward

K so today I survived the ‘omg-there’s-every-single-subject-today’ day, with a smile on my face @ the end of the day :) Even though we were loaded with so many tests and whatnot sigh………don’t feel like dwelling on that. Anyway I really admire postive people, I think postivity is one of the best assets a person could ever have seriously, because they see the good in everything and I believe there really is a good side to everything :) I must/will be positive in everything I do!! Clarinet reunion dinner tomorrow, I’m really excited to see everyone

Mental Note:
1. Ask for 4 more tickets from Mr Teo!!
2. Bring friendship day cards
3. Ask someone something oh crap I rmb I had to ask someone smth but wht was it!!!!!!!!!


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