Day 3 @ Ada’s :)

Supposedly supposed to watch Percy Jackson, but wtf the show so popular one meh?!?!?!?! All sold out sia. -___-
Anyway ger was vvvv disappointed aw :( We went to Fort Canning Hill to fool around and dance to spastic music and take photos, then went to OC and 313 to walk walk :D We basically did nothing la but hahaha it was fun.

Then met Alvin and Jereld and headed to Ada’s!!! No actually, we went to burger king to wait for the rest while playing truth/ dare, and taiti but they stopped us from playing. After they all reached we went to bainian hehe. Pigged around, watched dvds, monopoly, pigged out some more. Haha ok CNY is for pigging around anyway. Took mrt back and NOW IM CHIONGING HW JOY TO THE WORLD.

To all readers reading I know you are reading but can you pls comment!!!! I see the stats but no comments v sad leh :(


7 thoughts on “Day 3 @ Ada’s :)

    OK, that was a fail attempt @ imitating a stalker.
    I apologise for any excitement I may have caused.
    Your excitement is in vain, I am sorry.

  2. Hey <33
    I wished i went, on the other hand, i think its a good thing that i didn't go.
    haha <33 lets go out soon okays ^^
    And if you want more comments, i think its easier that you'll put a tagboard yups.

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