Starting afresh!

Hello it is now CNY day 2, and I’m lovin it!

It’s seriously an all needed break from school hehe I feel so relaxed wakaka.
Going visiting @ night, but for now,

So hmm updates on my past week!
Monday through Thursday saw a very tired me, with all the tests and work just weighing me down but thanks to Vivienne, Weilin and Xinxin going home was much better!!! Even though I haven’t been this stressed in a long while, I don’t remember laughing as much the past week either. I still remember laughing in the mrt at vivienne until I was seriously gasping for air roflmao. & the Xinxin incident in the canteen!! & please press the flush HAHAHA. Thank God for these girls, really :)

Friday was fabsometastic thanks to desk partners char and weixin too la haha we keep each other alive when we go crazy from the work thanks girls! :) I kept looking forward to the end of school even though thr was still band to survive. It turned our quite alright though!

Even though I didn’t prepare anything thank you so much to these people: Elizabeth for the ferrero, Vivienne for the bear, Terence for the flower and cheryl for the gummy wormz!! I’ll prepare smth for my clarinets, class, and girls next week for sure :D

Played vball instead of bball after band on Friday hahaha embarassed myself like don’t know how many thousand times but still had a lot of fun!!! We were like, doing the limbo with the vball net HAHAHA RETARDED OR WHAT. Laughed damn hard until stomachache haha damn tiring to laugh for so long ok! Then met yong and headed for dinner! Dinner was quite sad at first cos me terence and mancini were supposed to eat with yong but he left cos he was so tired so only left the 3 of us :(

But but but we were in an insane mood (especially poh hong kai) so we ended up laughing throughout the whole dinner, @ what I’m not sure also HAHAHA) The steak was so disgusting at first thank goodness we changed it! It was like eating raw meat srsly -_- Wanted to eat fruzen but decided not to in the end. GGTTB (LOL)

Update on 初一 when I upload the photos later on, hahaha lo hei + gambling was da bombzzz I WON MONEY!!! :D


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