Chinese New Year

Morning: Aunts came to visit grandma, ate a scrumptous lunch, played Wii, talked a lot love them lots!

^ Awesome food right I BET YOU’RE DROOLING ALR. Omg damn hungry crap.

Headed over to Aunt’s house next, where we played some Wiii ^^I LOVE MARIO CART!!! Then cousin’s house, sang karaoke, lo hei was so hilarious because everyone lo until the ingredients were everywhere but the plate. Ended up on the table, people’s hands, etc HAHAA DAMN FUNNY. I LOVE LO-HEI!!!! :D

Then played blackjack from like 1 – 3 haha damn fun damn fun I won 22 bucks only though. So wanna play mahjong!!


Dinner later at another aunt’s house can’t wait :)))))) I’M SO GONNA MISS CNY WHEN IT ENDS :( Food + relatives + new clothes + laughter + cards ahhhhhhhhhh

Btw I decided to open my blog, and lock all the posts I’m not comfortable with people seeing! So welcome readers :)

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