Fastest weekend ever I swear.

N-E-WAY I studied with Xinxin today she came over cos she missed me too much :)




4th March

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Love Tag today, super touching I really enjoyed it a lot. Got to know Nicole better and she’s super funny + retarded omg :o HAHA can’t believe I thought she was an introvert o_o Anyway sherly if you’re reading this cheer up God loves you and so do we!! Anyway I felt really really inspired and touched by the service praise and worship felt v different today, in a good way :)

Mugging with xinxin tmr I miss our mugging sessions auntie!!!!!!!!! :D

Was looking @ pictures of arsenic exposure and walaoeh damn gross I almost puked

Laughter is the best medicine :)


I laughed so much today that I think my flu and sore throat got cured. Hehehe thank you Weilin Vivienne Jingren Isabel Terence Roy for today, every Friday just seems so awesome with good friends around :)

Well actually today wasn’t all good. Lessons were sian ttm, gonna flunk chinese test, minus-ed 2 marks for my chem test, stood up during chem cos i forgot to being my practical file, using 4 packets of tissue in a day, wanting to die during Physics blablabla ya as shitty as any day could get. But I prayed for faith and band really improved my mood aw idk I just really enjoy playing the clarinet. But my krommer’s really in bad shape sigh :( Then vball after band hehehe ‘band’ against ‘the rest’ again rofl. We thought we were gonna lose like really badly but we improved :D Then the happier I got the better my throat seemed to be, and now it’s like healed already!!!! Thank God :)

Got home and Mum is damn pissed at me, hope she cools off by tmr then I can pop the question! For now I’m off to replenish my sleep, hope to have a really fufilling weekend!!!


It’s the saddest to see someone you care about cry and feel like you can’t do anything.

Still in the midst of writing Friendship Day cards, gave out 2 today haha. Who cares if it’s past 14 Feb, it’s never too late to thank my friends!!
Haha facebook groups are making me smile to the computer screen because most of them are so darn true.

Today was made up of Math test, LA test, agreeing with what Mr Kiw said in CME, missing Thailand and my buddy, anger at a certain someone (ahya waste of my time to get angry sia), motivation to work for mozart (:D), going home w/ funny people, and HSSRP again lol.

Isn’t it weird how us Year 4s are gonna step down after Rhythm? It seems just not long ago since I was feeling so sad about Chingwoon and Zoe leaving, I even almost cried at the concert haha. But I feel super happy knowing that the juniors will be in good hands, and I suddenly feel so old omg. Not sure why but band has taken up so much of my life that I’d feel unsually free w/o it. More time to study though!!!!

Ok enough of my nonsense, off to hssrp again then french before I can finally get to sleep. I therefore conclude that my eyebags are here to stay.

我走在 每天必须面对的分岔路
我怀念 过去单纯美好的小幸福
爱总是让人哭 让人觉得不满足
天空很大却看不清楚 好孤独

I came here to make you dance tonight

In the library nowwwwwww doing HSSRP business haha
My head is really aching from staring @ all those words *_*

So yesterday I met Jiamei and Yibei first, then went lunched with Joey Joseph and Mummy
They borrowed some origami book from the library hahaha so fun \m/
Went home to bathe and change then went to Uncle Jeffrey’s housewarming!!! + bainian
Gosh there were so many cute kids there hehehe & Stuart and Elliot’s room has a pool table wth
Played pool – Soccer (fail) – Basketball (L) – Badmintion (also fail) HAHA it was so late and dark we couldn’t even see the shuttlecock

Then went up and played with the kids haha I didn’t feel like a sixteen year old at all sia.
Watched madagascar then home.

WILL POST ABOUT REUNION DINNER (after I get my photos done and when I’m less busy w/ HSSRP) :D


I want to be able to:
1. Hug my family and tell them that I love them
2. Show my appreciation for my wonderful friends
3. Be thankful for the life I have
4. Stop complaining about homework
5. Take things as they come
6. View things positively
7. Pray for forgiveness and for a better tomorrow
8. Control my emotions
9. Organize my things
10. Look forward

K so today I survived the ‘omg-there’s-every-single-subject-today’ day, with a smile on my face @ the end of the day :) Even though we were loaded with so many tests and whatnot sigh………don’t feel like dwelling on that. Anyway I really admire postive people, I think postivity is one of the best assets a person could ever have seriously, because they see the good in everything and I believe there really is a good side to everything :) I must/will be positive in everything I do!! Clarinet reunion dinner tomorrow, I’m really excited to see everyone

Mental Note:
1. Ask for 4 more tickets from Mr Teo!!
2. Bring friendship day cards
3. Ask someone something oh crap I rmb I had to ask someone smth but wht was it!!!!!!!!!

Day 3 @ Ada’s :)

Supposedly supposed to watch Percy Jackson, but wtf the show so popular one meh?!?!?!?! All sold out sia. -___-
Anyway ger was vvvv disappointed aw :( We went to Fort Canning Hill to fool around and dance to spastic music and take photos, then went to OC and 313 to walk walk :D We basically did nothing la but hahaha it was fun.

Then met Alvin and Jereld and headed to Ada’s!!! No actually, we went to burger king to wait for the rest while playing truth/ dare, and taiti but they stopped us from playing. After they all reached we went to bainian hehe. Pigged around, watched dvds, monopoly, pigged out some more. Haha ok CNY is for pigging around anyway. Took mrt back and NOW IM CHIONGING HW JOY TO THE WORLD.

To all readers reading I know you are reading but can you pls comment!!!! I see the stats but no comments v sad leh :(


Dinner was greattttt and omg I’m srsly gonna put on 5 kg man walao, eat and eat and watch tv and play cards and eat some more leh……. Die la go school cannot wear my skirt alr.

明天= Catching a movie with Ada and Ger, then bainian @ her house woohooo can’t wait sehzxzxz OMG I DON’T WANT SCHOOL TO START @*$&@(*#@#

Chinese New Year

Morning: Aunts came to visit grandma, ate a scrumptous lunch, played Wii, talked a lot love them lots!

^ Awesome food right I BET YOU’RE DROOLING ALR. Omg damn hungry crap.

Headed over to Aunt’s house next, where we played some Wiii ^^I LOVE MARIO CART!!! Then cousin’s house, sang karaoke, lo hei was so hilarious because everyone lo until the ingredients were everywhere but the plate. Ended up on the table, people’s hands, etc HAHAA DAMN FUNNY. I LOVE LO-HEI!!!! :D

Then played blackjack from like 1 – 3 haha damn fun damn fun I won 22 bucks only though. So wanna play mahjong!!


Dinner later at another aunt’s house can’t wait :)))))) I’M SO GONNA MISS CNY WHEN IT ENDS :( Food + relatives + new clothes + laughter + cards ahhhhhhhhhh

Btw I decided to open my blog, and lock all the posts I’m not comfortable with people seeing! So welcome readers :)